• Securing shared office locations using the cloud

Securing shared office locations using the cloud

How Panasonic Cameramanager helps SKEPP looking out for the safety of its tenants and buildings.

“At SKEPP we create offices that people feel inspired to work in. We focus on buildings where multiple tenants and companies can reside, to encourage cooperation and collaboration between these groups. Important within this vision is the ability to offer an office environment where people can come and go as they please. With the cloud based video surveillance of Panasonic Cameramanager, we are able to offer this openness, while also looking out for the safety of our tenants and buildings” Sven Brookhuis, founder of SKEPP. SKEPP, an innovative Dutch real estate company, secured their first two locations with Panasonic Cameramanager. With cloud based video surveillance SKEPP is able to offer an open and easy going working environment, while also looking out for the safety of its tenants and buildings.

Our doors are always open

How do you secure a place where the doors are always open? “Our buildings are shared by more than one company, there are multiple conference rooms and flexible working spaces. It gives an open, modern and creative atmosphere. But it also makes it hard to keep track of who goes in and who goes out. Especially since there are multiple locations scattered over the Benelux. Bringing our security to the cloud helped us to keep track of all those locations from one central place. Plus, making use of sub user accounts, we are able to set permissions for Local Office Managers” Sven Brookhuis explains.

Bringing our security to the cloud helped us to keep track of all locations

Configure the right settings

Sven Brookhuis: “Of course we are not constantly monitoring all footage. Luckily with CLVR we don’t have to.” Panasonic Cameramanager’s smart analytics tool CLVR analyses all recorded footage and knows the difference between objects and humans. Next to that it has the ability to set virtual borderlines or ‘hot’ areas to watch extra carefully. This way a big part of the monitoring can be automatized making it manageable to track multiple cameras.

Better late than never

“We learned the hard way that we needed some motivation to get a surveillance solution installed in our buildings”, explains Sven Brookhuis. “Getting a system had been on our to-do list for some time, but after a break-in we gave it the priority it should have gotten earlier.”

Quick installation

“The reason we did it so late is because we were expecting a real hassle in installing the cameras. Panasonic Cameramanager showed us wrong: the cameras were installed in a matter of minutes.” Because there is no local data storage needed installation can be done very quick: the only thing needed is an internet connection and the cameras itself. For SKEPP the installation was done by a third party commissioned by Panasonic Cameramanager. Sven Brookhuis adds: “If I had only known this earlier I would have saved us that break-in.”


SKEPP is an innovative Dutch real estate company, aimed at refurbishing existing (empty) offices to create office experience concepts, where organizations and employees feel at ease and at ‘home’ in an inspiring office environment. Part of these concepts is offering a working environment that is open, and where people can enter a building whenever it fits them best. For more information see: www.skepp.nl

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