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Important Software Installation Notice: CF-C2, CF-AX and CF-SX

Because you have not responded to our prior efforts to ensure your safety, Panasonic now requires that you obtain and install software which diagnoses and controls the state of this TOUGHBOOK's battery as follows: 

Please ensure you have accepted the download and installation of this diagnosis and control software on your PC no later than January 25th , 2021 to avoid disruptions or data loss on your PC., or we will start to install the software automatically from January 26th, 2021.

Click here for Battery Diagnosis Control Software

The diagnosis/control program will automatically install, during the installation , your PC will be rebooted serveral times.

An AC adapter will be needed for the installation of the software. If you don't have an AC adapter, please contact Panasonic.

As we previously advise on occasions, we identify a quality condition potentially affecting Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2, CF-SX and CF-AX series laptop battey packs. Refer here: Mandatory Battery Safety Notice - 2nd update

Affected battery packs can overheat and ignite, causing a fire hazard.

We are now provding additional instructions on how to obtain this diagnosis/control software and imposing a final installation deadline because minimising ignition risk requires immediate action from those who have not yet installed the software despite our previous, repeated communications on this subject.


Model: All CF-C2 Series, CF-SX Series and CF-AX Series​

CF-SX SeriesCF-AX Series

     CF-C2 Series                             CF-SX Series                                           CF-AX Series

Please follow the below instruction  to install the Battery Diagnosis Control Software

Installation flow

  • Use the below related regional Contact for any questions or Click here for more information.
  • Contact Panasonic for instructions for obtaining the Battery Diagnosis Control Software
  • Download and Install the software

Futher questions, please contact us through the following: