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Phone number: 65 3158 6956
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Toughbook and Toughpad Range

Whatever your sector, whatever your challenge, whatever your working conditions, there will be a Toughbook solution for you, ranging from the ultra-durability of our fully ruggedised Toughbook and Toughpad devices through to our super stylish Toughpad 4K. All models are designed for your needs with the latest technologies and are capable of withstanding the conditions you operate in and can help you go further, achieve more and transform the way you work.

The Fully Rugged Toughbook models meet the demands of the most challenging working environments

The fully rugged Toughbook models are dust, water, vibration and drop proof from a height of up to 180cm. The Toughbook range is designed to operate in both extremely low and high temperatures, and come in a variety of formats from laptop to tablet.

As well as being resistant to hostile and demanding environments such as construction sites, hospitals, underground excavations, emergency situations encountered by the emergency services, airline maintenance and management, utility services maintenance, and transport, they offer daylight visible screens, excellent graphics and long battery life. The fully rugged Toughbook models can meet almost every challenge business, utility or military service can deliver and ensure that mobile workers can access volumes of data and deliver information in real time wherever they are, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The Semi Rugged and Business Ruggedised Toughbook models

Semi Rugged Toughbook models are water resistant and capable of withstanding being dropped* with a toughened casing. Semi Rugged notebook and convertible tablet models mean these mobile business computing solutions support workers in the field in diverse circumstances such as enabling police officers to take witness statements electronically, telephone engineers to work more effectively across the network and business travelers to effectively deliver presentations using the flip screen technology of the CF-C2.

Long battery life, optional GPS and the option of technology that allows batteries to be changed whilst working, mean there is a model of semi rugged Toughbook suitable for every business that needs robust mobile computing solutions. 

The Toughbook flip over business ruggedised CF-MX4 is light, with an attractive design making it perfect for the busy business traveler allowing them to keep in touch with the office and work effectively on the move. The Toughbook is resistant to being dropped,* and withstands 100kg/f pressure, providing business travelers a robust alternative to more fragile mobile computing options.

*From a height of 76cm.

Computer docking solutions and accessories make Toughbook and Toughpad versatile and convenient

We offer a range of docking solutions, car chargers, battery chargers, bags, carrying straps and other accessories to ensure your business gets optimum performance from your Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad devices. Click the link below to find out more about what is available.

Professional Services to help you manage Toughbook and Toughpad hardware

Panasonic is committed to providing you with the right computer product solution for your business. This is reflected in the range of professional services we offer. We can help with deployment to your workforce ensuring they have all the tools they need to work effectively and offer a buy-back programme for larger customers, to help you manage your investment in mobile working.

To discover more about the Toughbook and Toughpad range, please click the buttons below or contact us to discuss your needs.  

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