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The Toughpad Range of Rugged Tablets

Toughpad rugged tablets – built for work

Panasonic Toughpad tablets help drive efficiency and productivity in ways that were never previously possible; capable of operating outdoors in a variety of extreme and remote environments.

Our Toughpad range includes a variety of models, all suitable to different industries and environment conditions. All Toughpad models are developed at the Panasonic factory responsible for the research, design and testing before being distributed to retailers.

The Toughpad is especially suitable for field application in markets such as aviation, construction, field sales and the public sector, due to their capability to perform under exposure to extreme and constantly changing environments. 


Equipped with Android™ 4.2.2, the Toughpad FZ-X1 is a rugged, hardworking 5” tablet that combines the advantages of handheld, smartphone and barcode reader* functionality in one device. It is one of the first devices in the Toughpad line to offer voice connectivity and is the ideal tool for mobile workers in the transportation and logistics, postal services, defence, emergency and public safety, utilities, retail and manufacturing sectors.


The fully rugged Toughpad FZ-M1 sets the new benchmark for outdoor tablets making it ideal for field workforces in challenging environments. With its capacitive 10-finger multi-touch outdoor display and flexible configurations (integrated business expansion module), this Windows 8.1 Pro tablet has been designed to optimise the efficiency of field workers. It benefits from various connectivity options to ensure data is always available when needed and gives business users the legacy options they require in a compact, fully rugged and lightweight form factor. Never before has so much flexibility and performance been packed into such a compact, durable tablet with such great outdoor viewing capability.


The Android™- powered FZ-B2 Toughpad enables field workforces the ability to work anywhere, efficiently and securely, with scalable business options that meet the most demanding of business workflows. A 5-finger multi-touch outdoor 7”WXGA display, 180cm drop resistance and up to 7 hours of battery life with a user replaceable battery make this model very competitive in the outdoor tablet market.


Our fully rugged Toughpad FZ-G1 tablet sets the benchmark for outdoor viewable tablets incorporating a 800cd/m² IPSα display. The capacitive 10-finger multi-touch display and digitizer pen makes it extremely user friendly. The FZ-G1 runs on Windows 8 Pro and is equipped with the Intel® Core™ i5-3437U vPro Processor. It also benefits from connectivity options to ensure data is available to the user whenever needed. The compact, fully rugged and lightweight design is a popular choice for businesses looking for a tough and mobile tablet that runs Windows 8.


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