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  • Video surveillance doesn't go to waste at Swiss landfill

Video surveillance doesn't go to waste at Swiss landfill

The use of cctv at landfill sites has moved beyond securing staff and property.

Modern sites are now using surveillance cameras for the  detection of vehicle numbers to control charges, for monitoring the disposal sites and for simplifying logistics processes. 

Landfills are full of rules and processes. Vehicle registrations  need to be captured at the entrance to site, alongside the vehicle's weight, to prevent misunderstandings and monitor intake.

Landfills cover large areas and collect different kinds of waste, which needs to be separated in to different sections. For example, rubble would have an allocated area as would plastics or larger waste. 

Often, vehicle registrations can go undetected and rubble can fall into the wrong section. Comtronic Communications, a Panasonic integrator headquartered in Stansstad , works with various landfills across Switzerland providing specialist solutions for the monitoring and optimisation of landfill processes. 

The Spross sites at Debag in Zurich, Grimm in Oetwil am See and Bubikon, Wiedag in Oetwil am See and the Kehrichtverwertung Association Nidwalden all utilise analytics as part of their CCTV system. 

"To prevent mistakes in recording vehicle numbers, cameras can be installed which clearly identify and record vehicle number and the employee. Panasonic has a great line-up where you can get the right camera to best suit your needs in order to optimise costs," said Jörg Kaufmann, Owner of Comtronic Communications.  

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An affordable, high quality and reliable solution

Fixed cameras are well suited for the detection of vehicles or for monitoring indoor and outdoor areas. The Panasonic WVSW158E is a vandal resistant mini dome IP camera with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080p) providing razor sharp images. With day/night switching, the camera provides optimum images regardless of the time of day. 

Outdoor landfills are monitored by WV-SW599E full HD PTZ cameras. Through the 30x optical zoom and an additional digital zoom images can be increased by 90 times. Therefore, the landfill has the option of surveillance across the site from a central point. Another advantage of this camera is 30 fps frame rate and automatic tracking of moving Objects. 

Through multiple video streams, the camera offers real-time monitoring as well as high-resolution recorded viewing. What's more, the PTZ control function enables a full 360° field of view

Breakthrough 4K technology

The new Panasonic 4K camera has ultra-high resolution, high sensitivity and high intelligence with integrated analytical functions. The fixed dome network camera provides 360° surveillance, offering wide area viewing in high detail. 

The camera produces high resolution images even at the edge of the image. In addition, intelligent analytics such as people counting, moving object remover and heat mapping are supported by the camera. Other features enable the user to set up virtual fences, loitering detection and more.  

Also suitable for logistics purposes

Containers can be rented at the landfills, with Panasonic video surveillance cameras, the balance of these containers can be monitored. The cameras trigger an alert when stock levels are low, so containers stock can be replenished to running out.  

Jörg Kaufmann continued, "It's possible to remotely access the video monitoring of the landfill using an App or Web. This kind of solution means that the workforce can be more flexible than in the past." 

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