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Security Technologies in Panasonic's Security Solutions

We constantly endeavour to ensure that our products are packed with the latest, most innovative technologies. As a Panasonic customer, it ensures you get the maximum benefit from your security systems, and that each system operates safely in the background – giving you the freedom to focus on your business.

Today, besides pure security cameras, Panasonic also provide Secure Communication to protect everything our products gather. We’ve developed smart sensors, for collecting data whilst maintaining security – all to provide more reliable systems that help both operators and business owners take the best decisions in real time.

We are proud to offer you such technologies as:

  • iVMD and vehicle incident detection for automated video surveillance
  • Smart Coding and VIQS (Variable image quality on specified area) for lower operational costs through the reduction of file sizes
  • Auto back focus, intelligent Auto and our patented hydrophilic ClearSight coating for reduced installation and maintenance time
  • Dehumidification devices and anti-corrosion cameras for longevity in outdoor surroundings. Plus, hybrid image stabilizers for non-shaking pictures
  • True 4K resolution, providing sharp, high quality imagery that ensures that every detail is captured in real time
  • Face recognition systems, providing facial matches in real time. And business analytics for people-counting as well as age and gender recognition
  • Heatmapping for identification of high-traffic zones and customer length-of-stay
  • Cyber Security technology to keep security systems safe and secure from cyber attacks
  • People Masking to ensure GDPR-compliant privacy protection of customers and staff
  • iPro Extreme platform to unite all of these sophisticated features – for extreme performance under extreme conditions
    • Extreme Visibility
    • Extreme Compression
    • Extreme Data Security
    • Extreme Reliability
    • Extreme Analytics

Put simply, Panasonic is constantly developing technologies for a more secure world. One where people can live safely, and companies can develop their businesses, knowing safety and security is always there in the background.