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HOSPI Signage

HOSPI Signage

Key Features

Three 27'' LCD panels

Dynamic content display

Video recording function

Safe movement and avoids obstacles by using unique sensing technology

“Signage HOSPI" is an autonomous robot that is equipped with 3 displays on its body, and it will navigate itself through designated areas.
With an ability to detect people, objects, etc. and autonomously reduce speed, stop, and avoid obstacles, it also has an attention-grabbing
design that allows the robot to communicate information and act as an advertising medium.

Displaying real-time information, it provides informative contents and can display various contents on its digital signage display
on the go.

Deployable across locations in which people gather, such as hospitals and airports, it provides both advertising and assistance through
functions such as communication and information display.

Full specifications

Max. speed: 1m/sec

External dimensions (WxDxH[mm]): 630×705×1390

Weight: Approx. 175 kg

Internal loading capacity: N/A

Storage space (WxDxH[mm]): N/A

Continuous operation time*: Apprx. 4 hrs

Charging time: Approx. 2.5hrs

Main functions: Autonomous operation using mapped data and environmental recognition, autonomous charging, elevator compatibility, ID card recognition, drive recording.

Additional options: Remote operation, remote communication, rotating screen

Case study

Panasonic Autonomous Delivery Robots - HOSPI -
Aid Hospital Operations at Changi General Hospital


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