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ISTIQLAL Grand Mosque projector installation

Partnering with Indovisual, entrusted by ISTIQLAL Grand Mosque’s management to provide a projection mapping solution, 2 units of Panasonic RQ32K 4K laser projector (13 x 8m) was installed on the main floor of ISTIQLAL Grand Mosque.

ISTIQLAL Grand Mosque has a main floor, where activities are at times not visible to all. With the installation of Panasonic’s projectors, visitors can stay updated with all the activities happening on the main floor.

ISTIQLAL Grand Mosque, the largest in Southeast Asia, is located at the center of the capital city of Jakarta. Besides being used as a site for worshipping, it is also being used as an office for various Islamic organizations in Indonesia to host social activities, public events etc.

ISTIQLAL Grand Mosque case study below (Credits: Indovisual)