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  • World’s shortest throw detachable lens for high-brightness projectors

World’s shortest throw detachable lenses for high-brightness projectors

Until now, short throw and ultra-short throw projection has  been limited to smaller, lower brightness, fixed lens projectors.  Panasonic has changed this with the ET-D75LE90 and ET-DLE030 ultra-short throw lenses for high brightness  projectors. These are the world’s first detachable Ultra Short Throw lenses.

ET-D75LE90 ultra short-throw lens for
3 Chip DLPTM Projectors
ET-DLE030 ultra short-throw lens for
1 Chip DLPTM Projectors
Featured image :  ET-D75LE90 mounted on PT-DZ21K
Featured image :  ET-DLE030 mounted on PT-DZ870


The Ultra-Short Throw Lens Solves 'Space' Issues and Adds High Brightness

By mounting the ultra-short-throw lenses onto Panasonic's high brightness DLP™ projector,  you can shorten the projection distance by approximately 60 % compared with our current short throw lenses.

This huge savings in space lets you project images in spots where you previously could not—such as places where the ceiling is too high, or where there is not enough front or rear space for projecting.

The lens vertically redirects light cast at a distance of just 370mm from the projector to produce a bright, perfectly symmetrical sided image directly above it.  This is achieved by a cleverly designed mirror system and brings about new and exciting possibilities, unachievable with front projectors especially for applications in digital signage, retail, indoor staging.


A New Breakthrough in Large Format, Ultra Short Throw Projection

This technology has implications not only for creating a big visual impact and an almost illusionary experience for viewers, but also for making projection possible in small spaces where it would have been costly and difficult to project big images in high brightness. This applies to vertical markets such as staging, museum, or transport where it may not be possible to suspend a projector mounting bracket or where there is insufficient space, either in front or behind the projector to throw the image to the required size.


Project Big and Short With Edge Blending Compatibility and Geometric Adjustment

Panasonic’s short-throw lenses can be used in both vertical and horizontal edge blending to make screens even larger, with the chip DLP technology.

With the addition of Panasonic’s geometric adjustment technology, more advanced effects with greater impact can now be achieved. Geometric adjustment can also be used to create eye-catching applications on curved or uneven surfaces. For example, in a museum or theme park environment it could be possible to create a bended or curved picture, even when people are standing very close to the screen, no shadow is cast.

High flexibility in installation

The lenses are also the first exchangeable ultra-short throw system meaning that great flexibility is added to the latest range of Panasonic high brightness projectors. ET-D75LE90 and ET-DLE030 are compatible with all single chip and 3 chip DLPTM projectors including old models that are already installed in the field to give installers, integrators and end users the widest possible backwards compatibility and value.

  ET-D75LE90 ET-DLE030
Applicable projectors PT-DZ21K / PT-DS20K / PT-DW17KPT-DZ16K / PT-DZ13K / PT-DS12K / PT-DW11K / PT-DZ10K

PT-DZ870 / DW830 / DX100
PT-DZ770 / DW740 / DX810
PT-DZ680 / DW640 / DX610
DZ6700 / DW6300 / D6000 / D5000

F value 2.5 2.0
Throw ratio 0.36:1 (for the WUXGA / full HD resolution)
0.39:1 (for the SXGA+ resolution)
0.40:1 (for the WXGA resolution)
0.39:1 with WUXGA
0.40:1 with WXGA
0.41:1 with XGA projectors
Screen size (diagonal) 3.05-15.24 m (120-600 inches) 100 to 350 inch diagonal


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